Auctioneer "disenchant value" - how do I use AucAdv instead of Baseline all the time? : woweconomy - Informant bottom feeder enchantrix auctioneer

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Auctioneer is an AddOn that scans and tracks Auction House data, including bids​, which includes Auctioneer, BeanCounter, Enchantrix, Informant, and Stubby. In October, the BottomFeeder portion of Auctioneer was removed due to. I have been able to piece together the full package including BottomFeeder, Enchantrix, BeanCounter etc. Along with informant and loot link it.

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By Akizshura - 03:49
Numerous other AddOns will also use the Auctioneer statistics you gather BeanCounter, Enchantrix and Enchantrix Barker, and Informant to help . Is Bottomfeeder no longer part of Auctioneer? if was it taken out?
By Fenrill - 07:44
For auctioneer,ehntooltip,stubby,enchantrix,informant. that either works I have a working version of bottom feeder I was selling (for gold, not.
By Brajin - 19:51
The latest Auctioneer beta can be found here. The archive includes Auctioneer, Enchantrix, Informant, BottomFeeder, EnhTooltip, and Stubby.

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