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Animal Genetics 46, The networks have been constructed as described in the text. Our data supports that a migration from Eastern Europe, in the vicinity of the Volga-Ural region, is the likely source for much of the Sami mtDNA diversity 14 but indicates multiple migrations, the first being 6— YBP and at least one additional migration 2— YBP. Recent excavations in middle Sweden indicate that reindeer herding has existed for at least years and that the Sami population in this area is post-Medieval. Beyond the traditional use for direct consumption, sesame seeds are also used as an active ingredient in antiseptics, bactericides, viricides, disinfectants, moth repellants, and antitubercular agents because they contain natural antioxidants such as sesamin, sesamol, and sesamolin [ 78 ]. Three of the Sami have identical sequences but there is no indication of monophyletic groups of Sami sequences.

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Except for one Yakut sequence belonging to haplogroup U5b, the only Asian sequences that share a close relationship with Sami sequences are members of haplogroup Z, which comprises East Asian and Eurasian lineages.

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When comparing with other European breeds and south west Asian breeds, they grouped with other north European short-tailed sheep breeds and they had generally accumulated more drift than breeds from other geographical areas. Random exploration of genetics through test breedings can often prove fruitful in the short-term. Finally, we are sincerely grateful to the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments. In general, the data showed that Africa harbored more private alleles 30 than Asia This suggests that although geographically proximate subpopulations are genetically more similar than distant ones, differentiation is occurring in each population independently. The difference between these two groups of southern Swedish Sami could be due to admixture. Our results fine-tune the previous knowledge about sesame diversity in both continents using a set of representative accessions.

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is the asian gene dominant
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is the asian gene dominant
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