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The past decade have also seen great changes for people in colonised and ex-colonised countries in Africa and Asia. The foundations for worldwide scientific and military dominance are being laid in the struggles between European nations. In so doing, they consolidate the cultural achievements of the past centuries, and expand the reach of these civilizations. The Manchu are now displacing the Ming emperors as the rulers of this huge country. The worst effects of the crisis were comparatively short-lived, but oil prices never returned to previous levels, and there was a permanent realignment of economic power between oil producers and oil consumers. The Huns had brought with them many confederate tribes from the steppes of eastern Asia, and these had established themselves as the ruling warrior elite within the Hun-dominated territory.

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This is the first map in a timeline of maps covering twenty dates in world history, from BCE up to the present day.

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The Turks: The Central Asian Civilization That Bridged the East and the West for Over Two Millennia

They are even laying the foundations for the rise of a huge new extension of European civilization, in  Russia. The Magyars and Pechenegs move westward to attack more settled peoples in central and eastern Europe. It is now even gaining its first footholds in  South East Asia. East Asian history has taken a radically new direction as Western powers force open the doors of China and Jappan to trade and missionary activity. This links to the sea routes connecting India to South East Asia. Skulle du uppmana en vän att betala för slippa stå i kö? Europeans have already embarked on their long-distance ocean voyages.

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asian civilazation
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asian civilazation
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