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Daniel Sullivan kopplade på ett par fältmål och Chalich hittade Jamaal Jones på en 70 yard touchdown strejk bakom Flames sekundära. Introduction strophe 4 Land er heilact, er ec liggia sé ásom oc álfom nær, enn í Þrúðheimi seal Þórr vera, unz um riúfaz regin. In all three cases the items which follow the opening pair are minimal short items. This, at least, is how Snorri interprets it Snorri Sturluson; for this meaning of land see Fritzner II, land 2: I have argued elsewhere, that this strophe introduces, not only Loddfåfnismål, which immediately follows it, but also Rúnatal and Ljóðatal.

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In particular, tense shifting in Þorsteins þáttr stangarhçggs systematically frames and stages the narrative.

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These visual analogies are ubiquitous in both the criticism Clover He also praises the girl who woke him and sings to her, alluding to his genitals and her sexual qualities. The introduction to the catalogue of the homes of the gods, which already performs multiple functions, does not contain a general statement of the organising principle. Vit bas är långsam. Could there be another sort of literary influence at work here, not the kind that would account for the diminished and altered use of the historical present, but literary influence as the reason for the present forms in the first place? Instead, in the norns list, as in the list of Menglçô s maidens, enumeration serves to link the items of part one together and also to distinguish them from part two. Language 59, pp Sprenger, U.

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